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Brutal and Honest Truth About the Elite Cash System by Ares Navarro and Ace Reddy

Elite Cash System – now what the heck?

Alright folks, so it’s highly obvious and noticeable that I’ve now been pushing this whole Elite Affiliate Academy thing by Ace Reddy and Ares Navarro, and now they’ve come up with this thing called the Elite Cash System.

You’ve already heard or seen some of my reviews of the Elite Affiliate Academy, which is something different though still related. You can check out my review for that here.

I lay it out pretty cut and dry in that other post. I even demonstrated the course in one of the videos and from the looks of it, it’s still evolving and expanding.

What Exactly is the Elite Cash System then?

I cut a quick video about it and here you can have a quick look at the backoffice here:

So basically in the video, I explain that the Elite Cash System is basically a front end product for the Academy. Plain and simple.

It’s the front end part of a funnel that gets people in then upsells them into the Academy. A low ticket product to cover your initial expense in the beginning but the main product is of course, the Academy.

What Kind of Product is the Elite Cash System Though?

As I mentioned in the video, there is a boatload of content in this thing. To be honest, as I also mentioned, I didn’t have to buy this product because I was an early member of the Academy so I don’t know exactly how the Elite Cash System is priced nowadays. But it covers the raw basics of making money online as well as many relevant things in today’s world, rather than some other washed up, rehashed guru stuff.

You can use the same information for your own business too, but mainly the online stuff. The Elite Cash System pretty much nails that you gotta be online or at least have an online presence. In any case, I show in the video what kind of content you’re in for.

So as a stand alone product, it’s way more than it’s estimated value but that’s just my opinion. You may feel a bit of bias since I’m bloody promoting it, but hey I’ve promoted other things too (and still am) so let me show you what exactly why…

Does the Elite Cash System Actually Work?

elitecashsystem-saleEven the damn founders of the company shouting me out, but hey that’s a bonus. Yeah, we are in cohoots and I’m not ashamed of that. But the results from the Elite Cash System were all cold. No harassing people, no pitching people, no spamming in groups. The funnel sure as hell converts.

In fact, if you’re my legit Facebook friend (on my personal account) you’d notice I hardly post anything marketing-ish as much anymore. That’s cause I don’t have to.

I don’t even mention the Elite Cash System (excluding tagged posts) nor internet marketing stuff on my personal wall anyway.

What more can I say? Curious? Why does it convert so well?

See the Elite Cash System for yourself

In any case, before I start to sound too salesly and pitchy, I’ll leave it here. Results are results. Up to you what to do next.

Let’s not forget also, the Elite Affiliate Academy itself is also bangin… LOL


Obviously these results are not typical, blah blah blah. Whatever disclaimer I need to put. There’s no guarantee you’ll make this, etc. etc. You know how it goes.

Any questions about the Elite Cash System or anything else in general, feel free to reach out as usual.


Overrated? First time Shabu Shabu with Premium A5 Kobe Beef

Okay, lifestyle post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. This space here isn’t just for all this marketing and make money online stuff.

There’s the atelier section where I dump all lifestyle related bragging and stroking of my ego and whatnot.

So today’s episode is about the infamous beef from Kobe Japan that is sort of world renowned.

Well at least I hear a lot about it.

zakuro3So what’s so special about Kobe beef?

Well, firstly its mainly how they feed the cows. Apparently they take special care of them, which you can look up yourself by Googling it. A few things to note apparently are things such as giving beer to the cows, massaging them to relax and even playing classical music in the background for the cows. What the heck? Don’t quote me on that.

But anyway, how does it taste?

zakuro1Needless to say, this stuff was nothing short of ultimate. We sampled the highest grade, premium A5 Kobe beef. You’ll probably hear it from many people, but this shit just melts in your mouth.

Like meat-flavored butter, in a way. For some, this may be far too rich, or even disgusting. But then there’s also the less fatty A4 grade, which we also had. But for a deity, A5 is certainly the one to go for.

Speaking of which, what is Shabu Shabu?

zakuro4In short, it’s basically a hot pot. You cook the meat in the pot and boil it yourself. Then dip it into a sauce of your choice. Pretty simple but exquisite.

There are also other ways to have Kobe beef, and in this restaurant (Zakuro Ginza) they also serve this in Sukiyaki form (which I’ve had a number of times in the past) but this night was about the Shabu Shabu.

Badass shit.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Expect more food related posts in the future, as it’s become a recent passion of mine. Especially when it comes to luxury cuisine. First Beluga Caviar, now Premium Kobe Beef (this isn’t the second rate crap you buy from the convenience store btw), and I wonder what’s next?

We’ll see eventually… stay tuned…



Is the Copywriting Mastery Course from Elite Affiliate Academy the Real Deal?

Okay, so now I’m posting a little more now. Why?

Like I said previously, I’ve been exploring this Elite Affiliate Academy stuff by Ace Reddy and so far so good. After diving in deeper, I’ve come across this Copywriting Mastery Course while I’ve tried the other content within this program and so far here are my thoughts.

I used to outsource all my copy. All the stuff I used to run were all done by either a third party or copy and pasted. The conversions? Not at all bad but I was sometimes spending more money than I was making, sometimes breaking even. You don’t want to lose money. You want to make more. Can this Elite Affiliate Academy provide the solution to end all your grinding or is this just another guru system that’s just like all the others?

There you have it. If you suck at copywriting, the Elite Affiliate Academy Copywriting Mastery Course is for you. You can come up with killer ads instantly without having to do rocket science. Just don’t be a scammer with this dangerous skill.

It’s also funny to see the things that Ace Reddy comes up with on the spot. In fact, a lot of the courses in this Elite Affiliate Academy is also quite controversial but effective.

After this, you’ll stop being too petrified to create your own landers and start getting people to buy like you’re some kind of magician. Some of these are ridiculously simplistic, you’ll start to wonder why you haven’t been applying some of these copywriting techniques and why you’ve bought into the other BS before.

Sounds like a tall order, I know. Well you can either try out the Elite Affiliate Academy or you can just buy someone else’s shit and learn outdated techniques that’s been saturated anyway. If you’re still on the fence about it, you can watch my general overview of the Elite Affiliate Academy here.

If you want to get in and start dominating, go ahead and stop being scammed – buy it now while it’s available : http://www.michaelangeloflores.com/recommends/elite-affiliate-academy


Before you buy the Elite Affiliate Academy by Ace Reddy

Alright, so I’m actually updating this again believe it or not LOL. And it IS me, not a ghostwriter.

So as I mentioned in the past I’ve been undercover and testing a lot of things on the marketing side. So I’ve been trying to dive back into CPA / Affiliate Marketing in order to expand and scale up.

In regards to CPA, I’ve pretty much dug up some courses on this avenue, most notably this Elite Affiliate Academy by this guy Ace Reddy. To be honest, this is just some dude I came across on Facebook one day, started seeing his posts about CPA and other controversial stuff on my news feed as he attacks and slams on scamming gurus and just doesn’t give two shits about what most people think.

Could be his angle but I decided to just check this guy out and buy a course or two of his just to check his stuff out as I did also hear a lot of positive reviews about this dude and a lot of recommendations so I thought, hey I got some cash to spend so let’s give it a look.

So here we have this Elite Affiliate Academy or Elite Affiliate Group which are pretty much the same thing, I suppose.

Here’s a quick look or rather, a preview of the members area I got access into:

Obviously I can’t spoil the content in this video since this stuff is paid. But you can see the content in there and what they are about specifically.

As I mentioned, there are specific steps you can take with this course that you can pretty much tailor for yourself. The unique thing about the Elite Affiliate Academy is that it’s basically a proper course that teaches you actually CPA tactics and strategies, not just some cookie cutter system that sets you up to promote another guru’s funnel.

What does this mean? It means you can pretty much use the information in the Elite Affiliate Academy to create your own CPA or Affiliate Marketing empire.

The steps are pretty much simple;

Get approved by the CPA networks

Choose a vertical and and some offers

Choose a traffic source to master (It’s all in there)

Start advertising (it’s shown step by step)

Test and track (again, shown step by step)

Of course this is a simplified version of how I understood it, but there’s more in there you can do to scale up and even automate your CPA business. There’s also some tools they show and teach you about, with some white hat and black hat stuff (you can decide for yourself how you wanna go about this).

In most of the training in the Elite Affiliate Academy, you’ll get a lot of shots fired at many other guru systems which a lot of you seem familiar with as well as a bit of profanity, so if you’re soft and easily offended, you should probably go buy someone else’s course (and probably get scammed…again).

In any case, I’ll continue to go through the content and update you more about the Elite Affiliate Academy later, but so far I’m enjoying it and already able to put many things into practice.

Once again, feel free to add me on Facebook and hit me up with a message if you want to know more or just wanna connect. But please send a message first and tell me you came from the blog. I got a lot of random people adding me without introducing themselves lol.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the video.

If you’re sick and tired of being scammed by all these gurus who teach you nothing but to promote their funnels, get in here and learn some real techniques : http://www.michaelangeloflores.com/recommends/elite-affiliate-academy


Can’t Believe it’s 2017 already!

mflocruiseMy God I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I updated this joint!

Yeah I’ve been lazy. But you know what? I’ve also been productive. For the first half of 2016 I was preparing for a big life change. And that’s moving to another country.

Mind you, I haven’t moved to a new country since I was 10 years old. Where did I move to?

It should be quite obvious by now….


Yes, I’ve moved to Japan. I just couldn’t help it. I’ve been to many places around the world, from the US, Europe and all around Asia. I thought to myself, this is where I want to be for the time being, after living in Australia for most of my life.

So yes, I’ve been a little busy, just tearing this place up yet again. Also I’ve had like, no internet for the initial part of my adventure, so yeah that’s another… uh… ‘reason’ LOL.

Anyway I’m back, and aside from the move, hell yes there’s been a lot of news, not just in terms of personal life but in terms of business also. But first I gotta say, I thought 2015 was the best damn year of my life, but 2016 really put the previous year to shame. However, 2017 is shaping up to be a storm right from the beginning. A storm of badassery, of course.

Things have been going through an overhaul recently, in life and in business. Settling in Tokyo wasn’t easy, but now that I’m more comfortable and ready to cause some damage, it’s time to get back in the swing of things, in terms of business.

The TMM software that I’ve been promoting is also going through an overhaul so more updates to come on that, if you’re on my list already. If not, go ahead and sign up for free. Don’t worry, I won’t spam – I’m too lazy to even do that lol.

In any case, this is just an update post to show that I’m still alive. Feel free to follow me on Facebook as I mainly update shit from there: https://www.facebook.com/michaelangelo.flores

Til next time


“I swear to God man, I ain’t known a bad day in so long. You know, thank God.” – T.I

2016 – The Best Is Yet To Come

Okay, late New Years post. And there’s a reason which I am sure you have guessed.

Again, I was on holiday. What a surprise (sarcasm). This time, I was venturing into somewhere completely different.

After all the stints I’ve been having in Japan, I ended up finishing off 2015 in Europe:





12508930_10153217910386196_6914703275953073689_nWent all around the joint including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy – majority done by car. More photos in my personal Facebook so feel free to add me or send me a message telling me who you are (Amazing places in Munich, Milano, Como, etc. Too epic of a journey to summarize here).

So that pretty much explains my recent absence (yet again). There’s a lot I can say about the previous year, and although I didn’t update the site much, there was a lot that happened. Long story short, I’d probably say 2015, the year past was probably the absolute best ever. Partied like a rock star, saw and visited places I’ve never been before, met some unforgettable people and more doors have been opened than ever before.

However, 2016 just started off with a blast. In fact, I was still touring around Europe at the dawn of this year and I actually just got back (hence the late post lol).

But that doesn’t mean I’ve been slack with business or anything. My new funnel is complete and you can go find out here exactly how to build yourself a gigantic list without doing all the grindy stuff (I am blogging now just for fun and sharing, not necessarily to ‘pump out content’).

As always I keep up my ‘confidence habits’ that I mentioned in a previous post. Still reading more, listening more and learning more.

So what’s next? Well I’ll be focusing mainly on List Building even harder than ever now while still enjoying life and other hobbies.

Honestly, you gotta have love for the game. You’ll never be successful in anything if you don’t love what you do.

The focus will be once again to get more done with less effort (efficiency). I can show you how to do that here.

Here’s to a much better year than the last! (Although 2015, set the bar very very high already hehe…)

Simple but Effective Ways to Build Confidence, Self-Worth and Badassery

MIchaelangelo Flores-36_1Okay, so this topic came up a lot in discussions with me and my peers. A lot of people say that people can only be born leaders and are just blessed with confidence from the get go. Now this is probably something that can be debated endlessly and rightfully so in another discussion. I’m not here for that right now. However, I do not consider myself someone who was ‘born’ with leadership qualities. I wasn’t ‘born’ with all the mindset, all the concepts, the confidence and pretty much the notion of having my own way of thinking and discernment (probably will address this in another post).

To have confidence, self-assurance, trust and belief in one’s self was something that, in my opinion, I had to develop over time rather than ‘being born with it’. Without beating around the bush, here are some of the things I used as building blocks to feel a lot better about myself, gain more knowledge, increase self-awareness, and move forward in life without much worry or stress.

Here are some of them:

  • Reading – Probably one of the most important ones, hence why I listed this one first. Reading has so many damn benefits that aren’t very well-known, it’s not even funny. One of these benefits is that it engages your imagination. Think of your brain as a muscle. Reading books and using your imagination is a form of exercise. There’s also the fact that you’re not as dumb as you were before you read whatever book you’re reading. More knowledge always helps. Reading books definitely causes damage to one’s ignorance. I’m not talking about fiction books (although they are still good somewhat). I’m talking more about books related to your field of interest, or if none are relevant, try reading personal development and psychology books. It’s always good to try and understand better what is probably the greatest mystery of all – the self. In my case, I read a whole host of different books, from psychology, communication, leadership as well as even marketing and business. The importance of reading cannot be underscored enough. In fact, I can probably spend an entire article writing about this (it’s that important) but for now, let’s keep it at that for now.


  • Audios – Similar reasons and benefits from reading, but tapping into a different quadrant of the brain now. This one is probably one of my personal favorites. Mainly because, unlike books, audios are rather hands-free and you can just listen to audio files in the background while you are doing something else. I tend to listen to audio files about personal development, seminar recordings, and even audio versions of the books I read, which are not that hard to find online. Very useful if you’re on the move a lot like I am. Even while I’m driving, walking, or even exercising, I am listening to an audio file of something that can feed my mind with something positive, motivating and educational. And yes, this means that once in a while, you will have to give up some time away from actual music. Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped listening to music or anything. But at least once a day, I play an audio in the background.


  • Associations – If the first three in this list are in the shape of a triangle, this one would be one of the points. It’s just as important as the previous two, but I admit for some people, it could probably be the one that takes the most effort. I’m talking about associating yourself with people who are like-minded. Remember the whole ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ or whatever it was? That’s pretty much what I’m getting at. You make friends with idiots, you become one. You make friends with winners, guess what happens? I think you get the point. As I said, this will probably take more effort than the others since it requires you to sort out who your friends are and most probably get out of your way and make some new ones. The best place to do this is at events. Gatherings, functions, that sort of thing. You can bring a squad or go solo (like I do sometimes, especially when I land in a different country for the first time), it doesn’t matter. Try to build and establish new relationships. Fair enough there will be some people you won’t like, but the point is to at least try. You never know when you meet someone who’s interests are in line with yours.


  • Health – A broad subject, yes. But I’m talking about general health. That includes diet and exercise. Not to get complicated or anything, but having good physical health has huge benefits towards your mental health as well. Eat good food (I’m not a nutritionist, so you will have to do a bit of research on what’s best for you) and exercise regularly (up to you to decide, based on your schedule and commitments, what ‘regularly’ means for you). Do anything physical. Yoga, Pilates, whatever. I tend to do weight training, sprinting and other stuff. You don’t need to go crazy and enter a bodybuilding comp. Just as long as your body actually moves instead of sitting in a cubicle at all day and on the couch all night. Again, this is probably another topic that could take an entire article of content to talk about, but for now, this is enough to chew on.


  • Martial Arts – Now I didn’t include this in exercise. Why? Cause I don’t consider Martial Arts merely to be an ‘exercise for fitness’, although it can have fitness as a side benefit somehow. But why does this help gain confidence and self esteem? Put it this way – life is a battle.  Learning the art of battle, in many ways, prepares you for the battle of life. Martial arts not only grants you techniques to make you feel confident, safe and secure but also gives you a discipline and mentality that prepares you for many of life’s trials. The art itself doesn’t matter as much as the instructor does. Find a good teacher. Doesn’t matter if you’re short, tall, skinny, fat, male or female, etc. You will find something that suits you and makes you feel like you can take on challenges. What else builds confidence more than the mindset to take on new challenges?


Let’s start off with these five above. I admit, they are fairly broad and I can easily expand on each one, but for now, these are the basic, general overview which you can probably find subcategories of activities relating to them. Some of these require a bit of effort and thinking but a lot of these are ridiculously simplistic and very achievable.

What methods you do recommend? Please share with me any of your experiences or recommendations when you can 🙂

Long Overdue Update, Lessons and Further Plans

MIchaelangelo Flores-26Okay so an update is obviously long overdue. As you may notice, the last post before this was all the way back in New Years 2015. It’s almost the end of 2015 and not a single post done. Not even ghostwritten lol.

There’s really no other reason other than I’ve been focusing on other things. I wouldn’t call it laziness because I was still working on something. I wouldn’t call it ‘busy’ either but rather, I was being ‘productive’ (there is a HUGE difference by the way). One of my mentors always taught me never to confuse activity with accomplishment. Just because you are ‘busy’ doesn’t always mean you are getting ‘results’.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I’ve been ‘productive’ with a lot of lifestyle-related things. Hobby related things. As well as other career-related stuff. However, this is still my personal space and I am still first and foremost, an internet marketer. Scratch that. I’m a marketer. I am a marketer of myself. My own brand. But yes, also the primary focus of this blog, is my point of view as an internet entrepreneur, sure.

One of the things that have really taken up my interest (and time) has been extras casting. As an internet marketer, of course we are used to being on camera due to our exposure to video marketing. However this is a little bit of a different turn, as I have been in works such as casting in various TV shows as a mere extra. No, no, I am not an ‘actor’. Just an extra. I say no lines. Just do simple actions, and you barely even see my face.


Here is me playing a part of the medical staff in my recent work. Technically we are not allowed to show or tell anyone what we are involved in or take any photos, but my colleague was able to sneak in this shot of me.

I am doing this merely for the fun of it but it so happens that it pays pretty decent too. It’s totally random though and I am just on call, when I’m not overseas somewhere exploring. So it’s kinda like a paid hobby of sorts.

Speaking of ‘hobbies’, this year is really finding myself in terms of creativity and expression. One of the most prominent ones that have also been taking a lot of my interest and time is martial arts. I did mention before previously that I have been mainly focusing on Filipino Martial Art variants, although now I have been taking it a little more seriously than before.

arnisetI’m ‘no longer a beginner but still a learner’. Almost a year into it now and it isn’t just a tool for neutralizing a threat. It’s also been a good journey of self discovery and discipline. Yes there are techniques and stuff that can be used. But there is also a lot of personal development involved. What’s so ironic and a little funny about it is that the same principles in martial arts also apply to a lot of business as well as life principles too. I have summarized them up in this manner so far:

*The basics are the most important. Mastering the basics is really the main thing I need to focus on, because the basic techniques aren’t really as ‘basic’ as they seem to be. But once you drill these basics into your muscle memory (in other words, unconscious competence) and you will reach a level that is second nature and at such a plane far above the rest who still have to think about what they are doing. Because all the advanced stuff is just a refinement of the basics.

*The mindset matters more than technique. If you don’t develop the right mentality, then your body or muscle memory won’t react enough to be in the state of performing the techniques when you need them the most, even if you’ve learned them.

*Be careful of which dojo or sensei you train with. A lot of dojos and clubs out there don’t teach you their real secrets for fear of their students surpassing them. Find a mentor who genuinely wants their students to excel them.

*You must always be open and willing to learn even if you’re learning a certain style and a set of techniques. Even if you’ve seen and done the same technique over and over again, there are still many different ways to apply them and use them from different angles. Don’t be confined to just one style, because other forms and martial artists have something useful to offer and there is a reason why things are taught. Don’t be fooled into thinking that one style is better than the other. Take what is useful to you and learn how to make it fit to your own unique traits.

*You are the best teacher you will ever have. Surely, you can get instructions from gurus, teachers or mentors, but you are ideally always the best person to teach yourself. Experience things on your own, ask yourself questions and answer them yourself. You can still ask a person for their opinion and advice to get another point of view and take them into their consideration. But only you know yourself better than anyone.

The funny thing is, these are all somewhat related to the principles that are also taught by my BUSINESS mentors as well. Though a little more apparent because there is a very very tangible, physical side to it even more so.

Speaking of business, well I’ve saved the best for last. Yes, I have been working on something behind the scenes with one of my partners.

Yes, my custom made funnel, my nuclear deterrent, my ultimate weapon is now almost complete. You can view the preview on the button below

michaelangeloflores-prototypelogo-silverAnd also I’ve been experimenting with new logos too. I’m not too fussy about logos, to be honest. I opted for something not too fancy, but a more timeless, classy, ‘designer’ type of feel. Here are some samples:

MFlogoprototype1I tried to go after a design that is influenced by some kind of luxury watch brand or a fashion designer label or something. Let me know what you think.

In any case, that’s all for now. I’ll be straight up – I’m not sure when the next update will be, as I will be planning a trip to Germany real soon. Going to start off in Munich, and perhaps have Christmas there or perhaps any of the surrounding areas (e.g Austria, etc.) so pardon me if I seem away again lol.

In any case, feel free to add me on FB or leave me comments and messages, whichever.

Rage on.

Rage On 2015 – Happy New Year From Michaelangelo Flores

View of Tokyo Tower from where I am staying.


Yay first blog post of the year. And it hasn’t even been that long since the last one. First of all, happy New Year and welcome to 2015.

Last night kicked off the year with a blast, experiencing a bit of night life here in Tokyo (yes, still here as a write this post) and was great to meet some new friends as well as catch up with some old ones. Although most of my business is developed online, I do still enjoy building relationships and meeting people face to face too. It feels good to actually be out there instead of slaving away at the computer grinding the next new guru strategy (outsourcing is where it’s at!)

I did mention in my previous post that I’m reviving the Atelier section and going to post more lifestyle related stuff as this blog isn’t all just about business and making money (although it will be intertwined a little bit).

Had a quick road trip to Mt. Fuji, though didn’t quite work as planned.

Me at the base of Mt. Fuji


…As the road was closed but at least I was able to get as close as in the photo above.

I’ve been rockin’ it here in Japan for a few weeks now, but the trip isn’t over yet. I’ve spent New Years here before back in 2014, but since I didn’t know what was going on at the time, I actually just stayed home. This time though, I actually decided to go out and have a drink (mind you, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking prior but I guess that night was an exception).

As the year went on, I looked back at the life I’ve been able to experience so far compared to where I was years ago. Even more so, the people I associated with and how much that’s changed.

Coming into the new year, I’ve said to myself (and publicly) that if anyone ever tells you to ‘be realistic’ – make sure you take a look at their own lives first and see how far they have been by ‘being realistic’ before taking their advice.

Of course, it’s good to keep it real. Set realistic goals and believe in them. But here’s the catch – who’s to determine what’s ‘realistic’? For you or for me? Or for them?

The last person who ever told me to ‘be realistic’ was broke, single and depressed. Now this person is still that way, and now I’m traveling to places that people have said I would never be able to see and do the things I’ve never been able to do while meeting great, friendly, positive people who believe in our own ‘reality’.

Now let’s not confuse that with living in a fantasy. I did have to go through some changes in my life to be where I am now. I remember Gordon Ramsey (or at least I think it was him) saying “It’s okay to have a dream – but don’t live in a dream world.”

Yes it does take some effort and self-development (even more so than the former) to be able to create your own ‘reality’ – but remember, nobody else determines what you can and can’t do except you. Only you determine what your limitations are.

Now the principle I want to briefly discuss here is – Who do we listen to?

There are probably many out there who believe they know what’s best for you and maybe they do. But again, look at their lives to see how well off they are with their own ‘advice’.

So how do we discern who we actually listen to? To sum it up briefly, I’ve always been taught to solicit advice from these people:

  • Those who have what you want
  • Those have been where you are

That’s a general guideline. This eventually leads to whom you get counsel from, but that’s another level. Yes we take advice and ‘opinions’ from experts in certain fields. But ultimately, you are the one who decides what your life is going to be like and where you want to go. Despite everyone else’ best intentions (and yes, you could consider their ‘opinions’ first if you like), it is ultimately you who makes that ultimate decision of what you really want and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.

In any case, bigger plans and a bigger vision coming this 2015. Going to roll-out a new funnel, bigger business ventures, new physical goals as well as personal life too (which now actually exists lol).

Rage on, 2015!


MAJOR UPDATES and Some Random Thoughts

Okay, so it’s been AGES since I’ve updated this joint and funnily enough, recently I’ve found the urge to get this bad boy up and running again. Full-time like before? Probably not. I’ll admit that this space here was once mainly a lead generation tool and back in the early days of this online hype, a blog was definitely essential and probably still is.

Not that it matters to me though, since I’m done with the hype. Although I am still first and foremost an online entity, a lot of what I’ve been doing has been underground (hence the long silence) and have also been busy with other things which I’ll outline below…

But first things first…

Opt-In Is Currently Disabled…

Unfortunately, Aweber has decided to shaft me a while back, so my form on the right side of the blog isn’t working and you pretty much can’t opt-in (yet). Boohoo. But no matter, I still have my leads and I can always move to another autoresponder anyway later on.

But if you really need to contact me, feel free to add me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michaelangelo.flores or send me an email michael@michaelangeloflores.com

Traveling spree…

I’ve been away usually multiple times during the year. I’ll admit, I got a little lazy with the blog but definitely have a lot more content I can post about now.

It’s Christmas Eve as I’m continuing this post (started it a few days ago, then stopped lol) and I am currently in Tokyo, Japan for a holiday.

Here are some pics after I’ve landed, though there are far too many to even post all of them here:

Honestly there are too many pics to put here in a single blog post, so if you really want to see more, add me on my personal Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michaelangelo.flores

Or I may even do individual blog posts on each of the places I’ve been going to. But I’ve mainly been invading Japan (pics above are mainly of Tokyo) after years of constantly visiting Singapore I think it’s time for a change of scenery though there have been quick intrusions in Indonesia as well as the Philippines – though more will be planned in 2015.

Hobbies and other Interests…

Now that I have finally got some free time, I’ve been focusing on getting back into the many things I am passionate about, namely my hobbies. Everybody needs a hobby.

I’ve been getting back on some combat training and fitness for starters. One of the many ways to stimulate the brain as well as be ready for my travels as I am often on foot and there are times where I go solo to certain places.

Here is a pic of the Kali sticks a friend got me a while back as presents:

I’m actually trying a mix of different forms, which have strikes, grapples as well as weapons. May throw up a video or two in the future as part of the Atelier (assuming I’m allowed to haha).

Another hobby I’ve been dying to get back into is Gunpla. Basically plastic model kits based on Japanese Sci-Fi called Gundam and these little robots really stimulate one’s creative imagination especially when detailing and painting.

Here is a recent work I’ve spent almost 2 MONTHS working on:

More on this at Customecha, who featured my work on their website: http://www.customecha.com/vanquish-gundam-exia-michaelangelo-flores/

Was a really fun project which did take a bit of time and imagination to finish too.

But the biggest thing that’s taken up most of my time was…

My New Home

Yes recently this year I’ve moved to a much bigger home, with 4 bedrooms and plenty of lounge space. Moving in was really slow, had absolutely no furniture and limited appliances yet a rather big house too.

Lots of work needed to be done especially the garden as well as the swimming pool.

So there you have it. I hope that explains my not-so-mysterious disappearance but the truth is that I just got lazy with blogging haha.

But I want to get back into it, maybe not full time but once in a while and instead of hammering all the marketing and bizopps or money strategy every now and then (which I will still showcase from time to time, cause it’s pretty much the main meat of this blog) but I will also start to showcase more lifestyle and hobby related stuff – which pretty much means I am planning to bring more life to the Flores Atelier.

As for the Opt-In form, like I said it’s currently offline but will post another update once it’s up and running again. But like I said, you can keep in touch with me anyway via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/michaelangelo.flores) and Email (michael@michaelangeloflores.com)

For now, have a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 to you all. Thanks to all my friends and supporters over the years as well as the new alliances that have been made recently, you have not been denied! The next mission is just about to commence!

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