2016 – The Best Is Yet To Come

Okay, late New Years post. And there’s a reason which I am sure you have guessed.

Again, I was on holiday. What a surprise (sarcasm). This time, I was venturing into somewhere completely different.

After all the stints I’ve been having in Japan, I ended up finishing off 2015 in Europe:





12508930_10153217910386196_6914703275953073689_nWent all around the joint including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy – majority done by car. More photos in my personal Facebook so feel free to add me or send me a message telling me who you are (Amazing places in Munich, Milano, Como, etc. Too epic of a journey to summarize here).

So that pretty much explains my recent absence (yet again). There’s a lot I can say about the previous year, and although I didn’t update the site much, there was a lot that happened. Long story short, I’d probably say 2015, the year past was probably the absolute best ever. Partied like a rock star, saw and visited places I’ve never been before, met some unforgettable people and more doors have been opened than ever before.

However, 2016 just started off with a blast. In fact, I was still touring around Europe at the dawn of this year and I actually just got back (hence the late post lol).

But that doesn’t mean I’ve been slack with business or anything. My new funnel is complete and you can go find out here exactly how to build yourself a gigantic list without doing all the grindy stuff (I am blogging now just for fun and sharing, not necessarily to ‘pump out content’).

As always I keep up my ‘confidence habits’ that I mentioned in a previous post. Still reading more, listening more and learning more.

So what’s next? Well I’ll be focusing mainly on List Building even harder than ever now while still enjoying life and other hobbies.

Honestly, you gotta have love for the game. You’ll never be successful in anything if you don’t love what you do.

The focus will be once again to get more done with less effort (efficiency). I can show you how to do that here.

Here’s to a much better year than the last! (Although 2015, set the bar very very high already hehe…)

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