Before you buy the Elite Affiliate Academy by Ace Reddy

Alright, so I’m actually updating this again believe it or not LOL. And it IS me, not a ghostwriter.

So as I mentioned in the past I’ve been undercover and testing a lot of things on the marketing side. So I’ve been trying to dive back into CPA / Affiliate Marketing in order to expand and scale up.

In regards to CPA, I’ve pretty much dug up some courses on this avenue, most notably this Elite Affiliate Academy by this guy Ace Reddy. To be honest, this is just some dude I came across on Facebook one day, started seeing his posts about CPA and other controversial stuff on my news feed as he attacks and slams on scamming gurus and just doesn’t give two shits about what most people think.

Could be his angle but I decided to just check this guy out and buy a course or two of his just to check his stuff out as I did also hear a lot of positive reviews about this dude and a lot of recommendations so I thought, hey I got some cash to spend so let’s give it a look.

So here we have this Elite Affiliate Academy or Elite Affiliate Group which are pretty much the same thing, I suppose.

Here’s a quick look or rather, a preview of the members area I got access into:

Obviously I can’t spoil the content in this video since this stuff is paid. But you can see the content in there and what they are about specifically.

As I mentioned, there are specific steps you can take with this course that you can pretty much tailor for yourself. The unique thing about the Elite Affiliate Academy is that it’s basically a proper course that teaches you actually CPA tactics and strategies, not just some cookie cutter system that sets you up to promote another guru’s funnel.

What does this mean? It means you can pretty much use the information in the Elite Affiliate Academy to create your own CPA or Affiliate Marketing empire.

The steps are pretty much simple;

Get approved by the CPA networks

Choose a vertical and and some offers

Choose a traffic source to master (It’s all in there)

Start advertising (it’s shown step by step)

Test and track (again, shown step by step)

Of course this is a simplified version of how I understood it, but there’s more in there you can do to scale up and even automate your CPA business. There’s also some tools they show and teach you about, with some white hat and black hat stuff (you can decide for yourself how you wanna go about this).

In most of the training in the Elite Affiliate Academy, you’ll get a lot of shots fired at many other guru systems which a lot of you seem familiar with as well as a bit of profanity, so if you’re soft and easily offended, you should probably go buy someone else’s course (and probably get scammed…again).

In any case, I’ll continue to go through the content and update you more about the Elite Affiliate Academy later, but so far I’m enjoying it and already able to put many things into practice.

Once again, feel free to add me on Facebook and hit me up with a message if you want to know more or just wanna connect. But please send a message first and tell me you came from the blog. I got a lot of random people adding me without introducing themselves lol.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the video.

If you’re sick and tired of being scammed by all these gurus who teach you nothing but to promote their funnels, get in here and learn some real techniques :


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