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Hello everyone! What can I say? Welcome to my personal blog! Here is where I would like to share with you my experiences, successes, failures and passions in life along with my methods, secrets and strategies that I apply in order to get me to where I am today…

“Realization of True Success Starts from Within”

That really is the tagline that I live by. ‘Success’ is actually relative to each individual – with our own unique perception and definition of the word. In my belief, success in itself is a state of mind. In order to manifest the results you want outside, you must first develop yourself from the inside.

“Change the world within and you begin to change the world around”

My own personal journey, although isn’t an easy one, it is definitely one of passion, purpose and fulfillment. I was once a student who studied Human Resource Management and graduated with a Bachelor of Business. The reason why I chose this field actually dates back to my younger years as a teenager. I was a very introverted and anti-social individual who spent a lot of time on my own, doing my own thing and in my own way.

As a result of this, it put me at an advantage with the fact that my conditioning was very different – when I started being more open, I realized my values, thoughts and perception of the world seemed unique and different. However, having spent a lot of time alone also put me at a huge disadvantage.

One of my greatest weaknesses growing up was actually dealing with people. Not really surprising for an introverted brat huh? Although I admit I did care about people in general – I just wasn’t good at dealing with them. One of my old mentors once told me, you will grow even more if you learn to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

So from then on, I decided to learn more about how to deal with people and build relationships. Eventually, after interacting and communication with other people, I realized how fascinated I was in learning that people had different values, tastes, passions and perception of life to myself. I started to like the decision I made.

Human Resources, from what I understood, adopts the philosophy of people being the most valuable asset in any organization – and this is still something that I hold true to myself.

Eventually though, I realized during my studies at university, that the education I was provided, although adopted similar philosophies with my vision, I then decided that it was not enough to lead me to where I wanted to go.

But where did I want to go? I didn’t really know at the time. No idea, no clarity, no direction.

Around this time, I also came across a rather odd business model known as Internet Marketing. I fell in love with this model because it emphasizes the growth and development of an organization based on people.

Unfortunately, as one would expect, I faced many challenges such as criticisms, rejections, embarrassments, humiliations and even losing a lot of money. Needless to say, I have failed time and again in this game for YEARS. Well what can you get out of an industry that is often misunderstood and condemned by many?

Until I realized that all these failures, defeats, losses and suffering had actually triggered a silent evolution from within…

After taking a seemingly endless beat-down in this industry, I took a whole step backward and really dug deep and asked myself what I really wanted, where I really wanted to go and what I wanted to leave for the world. These lessons really showed me more clarity about who I really was, my purpose, my vision, my dreams and the backbone of my own existence.

All because…

I just simply did not give up. No matter what. I just didn’t know what quitting was. I kept going.

I kept on continuing to educate myself and keep learning. There was NO WAY that I would ever want to give up the things in my life that I love the most. I knew that the ONLY WAY to change things is to first change MYSELF.

So I continued to keep growing, and innovating myself until I found a way to turn the WEAKNESS of Internet Marketing into a STRENGTH.

Internet Marketing is a business that is based on the size your NETWORK and the ability to MARKET.

Efficiency = Lease Amount of Time/Effort, Most Amount of Return

Discovering and utilizing the vast potential of Internet Marketing, I was able to find an EFFICIENT and effective way to achieve victory in this venture and skyrocket my success and awaken the trailblazer from within.

I have discovered the most innovative and most cunning tactics and methods to MANIFEST THE RESULTS I DESIRE even after being MADE REDUNDANT FROM EMPLOYMENT and FALLING IN DEBT TWICE.

To be honest, this is nothing new. I did not re-invent the wheel or even came up with any genius insight or waste my time trying to come up with something breakthrough.

All I am actually doing, is learning METHODS THAT HAVE ALREADY PROVEN TO WORK that helped others in this industry earn MILLIONS and create massive Online EMPIRES, modelling them for myself and implementing them.

With this new power that I am continuing to develop and strengthen these skills and now I am happy to share them with those of you who are on the same path so you can manifest similar results or BETTER, for you to move FASTER towards most important and meaningful to you in your life.

I implore you, to take a bit of time to cycle across my blog to learn the lessons, implement the strategies, and enjoy the lifestyle and passions that I will share with you across this site that I am very proud to present to you.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media mediums as I would love to connect with each of you personally.

Sincerely yours in Success, Wealth and Abundance,


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