Andres Quijano And The Entrepreneur Network – What’s All The Fuss About Anyway?

What Exactly Is Going On With Andres Quijano And This Entrepreneur Network Thing?

Andres Quijano

I actually met Andres Quijano a while back during the Life Master Success Secrets saga at Docklands. Met him briefly as another business owner who had a background in Internet Marketing at the helm of the company, ANQ Solutions and frequently came to our mastermind meetings with Jay Mclean and other entrepreneurs.

I did not really know too much about Andres Quijano but I did see him on and off once in a while and knew he also had his fingers on developing software and apps on the side as well. But it wasn’t until Andres decided to take over the original meetup group when Jay Mclean left for his expedition in the Philippines did things really take off.

Why Is The Champ Involved With The Entrepreneur Network And Andres Quijano Anyway?

So Andres Quijano of ANQ Solutions decided to keep the meetup alive and running as well as renamed it to the Entrepreneur Network – Let’s Talk Marketing mainly since it seemed more targeted and focused for marketers as well as business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

But is this really something you want to get involved with? Let the undisputed champ tell you the not-so obvious truth:

Despite what a lot of people think, the events are not really some sort of endorsement or pitch event for ANQ Solutions or anything scheme-like. Andres Quijano does deliver a lot of free value in the Entrepreneur Network Meetup Group.

Make A Decision – Get In The Entrepreneur Network With Andres Quijano

There’s really not much else to be said about Andres Quijano – I’m not even trying to pitch his company ANQ Solutions nor confirming an involvement or anything but I’ve got so much value from the Entrepreneur Network simply from the training I got from different leaders like the Monsters Matt Patti and Mario Zorovic, Donna Campisi and just recently Trav Bell who is pretty much the world-renowned Bucket List expert. And we’re just getting started.

In the words of a very famous marketer, don’t f**k around and stop being a p***y, get into the Entrepreneur Network and meet the likes of Andres Quijano and of course, yours truly, the Home Based Business Badass himself at the next event!

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