Brutal and Honest Truth About the Elite Cash System by Ares Navarro and Ace Reddy

Elite Cash System – now what the heck?

Alright folks, so it’s highly obvious and noticeable that I’ve now been pushing this whole Elite Affiliate Academy thing by Ace Reddy and Ares Navarro, and now they’ve come up with this thing called the Elite Cash System.

You’ve already heard or seen some of my reviews of the Elite Affiliate Academy, which is something different though still related. You can check out my review for that here.

I lay it out pretty cut and dry in that other post. I even demonstrated the course in one of the videos and from the looks of it, it’s still evolving and expanding.

What Exactly is the Elite Cash System then?

I cut a quick video about it and here you can have a quick look at the backoffice here:

So basically in the video, I explain that the Elite Cash System is basically a front end product for the Academy. Plain and simple.

It’s the front end part of a funnel that gets people in then upsells them into the Academy. A low ticket product to cover your initial expense in the beginning but the main product is of course, the Academy.

What Kind of Product is the Elite Cash System Though?

As I mentioned in the video, there is a boatload of content in this thing. To be honest, as I also mentioned, I didn’t have to buy this product because I was an early member of the Academy so I don’t know exactly how the Elite Cash System is priced nowadays. But it covers the raw basics of making money online as well as many relevant things in today’s world, rather than some other washed up, rehashed guru stuff.

You can use the same information for your own business too, but mainly the online stuff. The Elite Cash System pretty much nails that you gotta be online or at least have an online presence. In any case, I show in the video what kind of content you’re in for.

So as a stand alone product, it’s way more than it’s estimated value but that’s just my opinion. You may feel a bit of bias since I’m bloody promoting it, but hey I’ve promoted other things too (and still am) so let me show you what exactly why…

Does the Elite Cash System Actually Work?

elitecashsystem-saleEven the damn founders of the company shouting me out, but hey that’s a bonus. Yeah, we are in cohoots and I’m not ashamed of that. But the results from the Elite Cash System were all cold. No harassing people, no pitching people, no spamming in groups. The funnel sure as hell converts.

In fact, if you’re my legit Facebook friend (on my personal account) you’d notice I hardly post anything marketing-ish as much anymore. That’s cause I don’t have to.

I don’t even mention the Elite Cash System (excluding tagged posts) nor internet marketing stuff on my personal wall anyway.

What more can I say? Curious? Why does it convert so well?

See the Elite Cash System for yourself

In any case, before I start to sound too salesly and pitchy, I’ll leave it here. Results are results. Up to you what to do next.

Let’s not forget also, the Elite Affiliate Academy itself is also bangin… LOL


Obviously these results are not typical, blah blah blah. Whatever disclaimer I need to put. There’s no guarantee you’ll make this, etc. etc. You know how it goes.

Any questions about the Elite Cash System or anything else in general, feel free to reach out as usual.


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