Finding Your Passions – Myths, Caveats and Cognitions

2015_1205_19494400Okay, so it’s been a while. I haven’t touched my PC in a long time as I’ve been out and about so consistently. I’ve had so many international friends visit me and I’ve been taking them around to do all the touristy stuff. But there’s been a lot of stuff on my mind that just have to be put in writing.

Among those things, were a discussion with some friends and I about a cliche little topic relating to ‘finding your passions’.

Sounds deep, doesn’t it?

It’s not something I usually like to talk about, as I’d usually spend my time thinking about the next meal I’m gonna have next (typical M Flo).

Out of all the marketing spree and lead generation sprinkled all over this page, why suddenly such a personal topic?

As you may remember, that’s also the theme of this blog in the first place. And this is me (Michael) writing this one lol. For real.

I was asked to give some notes about this actually, so I thought I might as well do a blog post about it. I’ve had a lot to talk about and share, but I’ll just touch on the key stuff in this post mainly. Don’t wanna bore you lot for too long haha.

In any case, just to recap – I’ll get straight to the point.

When I had a discussion with some friends, I addressed two things rather immediately;

  1. Nobody can find your passions for you.
  2. And you most likely already know what it is

As for the first one, that should be bloody obvious. But to some, they haven’t actually thought about that. They usually run to the nearest coach or motivational speaker (I’m not any of those things, by the way) in order to get some kind of magic pill or secret solution. The thing is, nobody can really truly understand you as much as you would yourself.

You have your own unique experiences, tastes, and situations in your life. Nobody can really fully comprehend how you see it through your eyes directly. That’s why only you can decide what you’re truly ‘passionate’ about and that’s why nobody can do it for you.

Stop looking for a magic pill or solution from someone guru or expert. Come up with your own answers and decide for yourself what it is you want to pursue in life.

Let’s address the second part and that’s really the main meat of what I want to talk about here.

Read it again:

You probably already know what you’re passionate about.

Now that above statement could be a bit point blank for some of you. And you’re probably got a lot of questions now. Like, if that’s the case, why are people still stuck and why am I writing this?

Calm down, I’m getting to that.

So you probably already know what your passion (or passions) is (are). But you could be stuck in some of these situations:

a) You know what your passion is – but you deny it.

b) You know what your passion is – but you forgot (maybe because you’ve been denying it for so long).

c) You’ve changed over time. What you were passionate about before may be different from what you want now.

or d) You just have no holy freakin’ idea about what you really want. (Don’t panic, this is the easiest one to address, which I’ll cover later.)

Okay, let’s start with the first one.

I don’t mean to step on any toes, but a lot of people actually deny their passions for many reasons.

But there are the main biggest excuses I mean, reasons why people deny their passions:cashmoneyMoney – One of the biggest things a lot of people get stuck on. Let’s face it, a lot of things you want to do will require money. Travelling the world requires some serious cash. So does sending your kids to school and helping the poor, etc.


Now there are many many many ways to solve the money issue, as there are a plethora of different ways to make cash other than your job (as indicated in many articles in this blog).

But I’m not here to address that right now. The one main thing about money I want to drive home this time are these BS myths about money:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money can’t buy happiness

Sound familiar?

Let’s think about that for a moment – if money is evil and you need money to follow your passions, does that mean your passions are evil? That’s some BS ain’t it?

And if money can’t buy happiness, what about the phrase, “You only get what you pay for”? Aren’t they a bit contradictory?

I remember a quote by a once famous internet marketer who once said:

“Money can’t buy happiness, but neither does being a broke asshole.”

That’s the main thing people should realize. Money is not evil. It’s just a necessity in order to live. Like food, water, shelter. Are those things evil? Of course not. You need air to breathe. You don’t say air is evil, do you?

Start changing your belief about money.

I’ll finish this one with a quote from the Godfather :

“This contempt for money is just another trick of the rich to keep the poor without it.”

Now the second thing I want to address, that people get stuck on is this one major one.

It’s the issue of Time.


Instead of heading into controversial territory, of course many people make the excuse give the reason that they don’t have enough time to do what they want to do.

They have deadlines, appointments, people to take care of, and so on.

But here’s the thing – we only have 24 hours a day. So why are some people living this passions and so many are not?

It’s simple.

It’s their priorities. That’s really just it. Some people argue that it’s just time management.

You can’t manage time. You only have 24 hours in a day. But you can sure as hell manage your priorities.

Now I can’t do that for you (either get an assistant or there are courses on ‘priority management’). You have to sort out your own priorities.

What’s most important to you?

Is it the deadlines your boss gave you? Your family? Your hobbies? Your career?

What tasks do you absolutely need to address now, and which ones can be done later?

Which tasks can be omitted and what new tasks should be added?

Are the things that you do actually productive or just ‘busy‘?

Think about it. Sit down and consider all the things you’re doing throughout the day.

Are you achieving the results you want? Are you growing closer to it?

Okay, so that’s the issue of time. Go and ask yourself those questions.

Next is another big one.

This is one I struggled with for a while, but this could set you free or bind you in shackles.

This problem is basically…


Other people’s opinions.

Yes, this is a dreaded monster. It could potentially by the biggest thing holding you back and could even tie in with the first two.

Other people’s judgement, other people’s thoughts. Other people’s own rules that they make you follow – these could all be what’s holding you back.

Deep down, you may be thinking – oh what will he/she think if I did this? What will they think if this or that?

Who are ‘they’ exactly?

These people could be your:

  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Boss
  • And even Family members!

Now with the last three, you probably can’t do much about them, since the choice isn’t really yours. But you sure as hell can choose your friends.

Think about it really carefully – do you really need to cut off some people?

Are there anyone in particular who’s bringing you down?

Some of them may not be doing it on purpose. Some of your friends probably genuinely care about you (in their own way, which may not always coincide with your true ideals).

Now are you seeing why this is so difficult?

Some of these people can be long time friends. People could change over time.

Maybe some of them are jealous.

A million different scenarios here.

Think about it really seriously.

Who are your true friends?

I’ll finish this one off with a quote I kinda made up myself :

“The first step to realizing your worth is to cut off the people who don’t.”



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