How To Get Rich Being Lazy And Make Money Doing Whatever You Want

Is It Really Possible To Get Rich While Being Lazy Anyway?

Are you a lazy person but always wanted to get rich somehow? Then you and I can relate! But you’re probably thinking it’s just a fantasy or there must be some catch or some sort of illegitimate way to do it.

But really think about it – how many people do you think who are rich actually do all the work themselves or are they actually pretty lazy themselves?

Do you see where this is going?

Let’s dive in a bit further. Do you think that business owners who are enormously rich and wealthy have to do any of the work to make money? Or do you think they can just act lazy and hang around the beach all day?

Well you’re probably thinking that they worked hard in the beginning. That may be true. But did you really think that right from the beginning when they got started, did you think they still had to do all the work themselves? Do you not think it’s possible to be lazy and make money from the get go?

Being Lazy Is A Good Thing – Doing Everything Yourself Will Help You Get Rich Slower

Did you know that being lazy is a good thing especially when it comes to getting rich both in business and in life?

Think about it – are you good at everything? Of course not. You literally can’t be good at everything as good as you could if you just focused on what you’re good at.

How about getting a team of people who are just that damn better at you at what you need to get done and have them do the work needed to get rich while you’re being lazy?

This is a concept called OUTSOURCING. There are many ways to play with this concept. But you can literally be lazy while your money works for you as you get rich.

Imagine the things you need to do as a rich folk. Do you think a CEO does any marketing? Do you think a CEO does tech support? Do you think they do the financial reports, the sales, deal with customers and all the stuff that a company needs? Or course not – well not most of them anyway.

But that’s not necessarily saying that CEO’s are lazy. I’m just trying to register a point.

And YES, it is possible to get rich by being lazy if you know how to outsource properly or put together a good team to do what they are good at.

Learn How To Outsource To Get Rich While You Just Be Lazy And Do Whatever You Want

Take myself for example as a case study. With my online business, I don’t really do a whole lot, except maybe educate myself on strategies and make posts like these.

However, there are often times when I can just get a writer to write stuff for me when I’m lazy. (For argument’s sake, I am writing THIS one myself, as you can probably tell)

I can hire someone else to do my marketing for me like SEO and my ads and stuff that help make me money. Every other thing I need to do in my business can easily be done by someone better. So that’s exactly what I rely on because I’m pretty lazy.

There are also people like say, Lawrence Tam or Linh Hoang don’t really do everything in their businesses. They outsource a lot so that they have time to do whatever they want and still make money even if they get lazy.

The other thing we do is that we let systems do the work for us. Honestly? I didn’t do my own sales video, I didn’t do my own sales funnel or sales letter nor did I do any of the programming or setting anything up. I also don’t call my customers or even talk to anyone myself. Why? Because I’m lazy and I’d rather let systems do that for me while I do whatever the heck I want.

Still don’t think this is possible? Click the link below and watch the entire video to see what I mean. All you really need to do is learn how it works and apply the steps within the system and get rich even if you’re a lazy bum like me!

get rich be lazy

DISCLAIMER: I’m not going to guarantee you’ll get the same results as me nor am I saying that you don’t have to put in some work in the beginning. I obviously made a decision to put in a lot of effort to get me to where I’m at. Although I can now make money with or without me doing anything, it did take me a lot of effort in the beginning. Click here to see our full income disclosure

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