Long Overdue Update, Lessons and Further Plans

MIchaelangelo Flores-26Okay so an update is obviously long overdue. As you may notice, the last post before this was all the way back in New Years 2015. It’s almost the end of 2015 and not a single post done. Not even ghostwritten lol.

There’s really no other reason other than I’ve been focusing on other things. I wouldn’t call it laziness because I was still working on something. I wouldn’t call it ‘busy’ either but rather, I was being ‘productive’ (there is a HUGE difference by the way). One of my mentors always taught me never to confuse activity with accomplishment. Just because you are ‘busy’ doesn’t always mean you are getting ‘results’.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I’ve been ‘productive’ with a lot of lifestyle-related things. Hobby related things. As well as other career-related stuff. However, this is still my personal space and I am still first and foremost, an internet marketer. Scratch that. I’m a marketer. I am a marketer of myself. My own brand. But yes, also the primary focus of this blog, is my point of view as an internet entrepreneur, sure.

One of the things that have really taken up my interest (and time) has been extras casting. As an internet marketer, of course we are used to being on camera due to our exposure to video marketing. However this is a little bit of a different turn, as I have been in works such as casting in various TV shows as a mere extra. No, no, I am not an ‘actor’. Just an extra. I say no lines. Just do simple actions, and you barely even see my face.


Here is me playing a part of the medical staff in my recent work. Technically we are not allowed to show or tell anyone what we are involved in or take any photos, but my colleague was able to sneak in this shot of me.

I am doing this merely for the fun of it but it so happens that it pays pretty decent too. It’s totally random though and I am just on call, when I’m not overseas somewhere exploring. So it’s kinda like a paid hobby of sorts.

Speaking of ‘hobbies’, this year is really finding myself in terms of creativity and expression. One of the most prominent ones that have also been taking a lot of my interest and time is martial arts. I did mention before previously that I have been mainly focusing on Filipino Martial Art variants, although now I have been taking it a little more seriously than before.

arnisetI’m ‘no longer a beginner but still a learner’. Almost a year into it now and it isn’t just a tool for neutralizing a threat. It’s also been a good journey of self discovery and discipline. Yes there are techniques and stuff that can be used. But there is also a lot of personal development involved. What’s so ironic and a little funny about it is that the same principles in martial arts also apply to a lot of business as well as life principles too. I have summarized them up in this manner so far:

*The basics are the most important. Mastering the basics is really the main thing I need to focus on, because the basic techniques aren’t really as ‘basic’ as they seem to be. But once you drill these basics into your muscle memory (in other words, unconscious competence) and you will reach a level that is second nature and at such a plane far above the rest who still have to think about what they are doing. Because all the advanced stuff is just a refinement of the basics.

*The mindset matters more than technique. If you don’t develop the right mentality, then your body or muscle memory won’t react enough to be in the state of performing the techniques when you need them the most, even if you’ve learned them.

*Be careful of which dojo or sensei you train with. A lot of dojos and clubs out there don’t teach you their real secrets for fear of their students surpassing them. Find a mentor who genuinely wants their students to excel them.

*You must always be open and willing to learn even if you’re learning a certain style and a set of techniques. Even if you’ve seen and done the same technique over and over again, there are still many different ways to apply them and use them from different angles. Don’t be confined to just one style, because other forms and martial artists have something useful to offer and there is a reason why things are taught. Don’t be fooled into thinking that one style is better than the other. Take what is useful to you and learn how to make it fit to your own unique traits.

*You are the best teacher you will ever have. Surely, you can get instructions from gurus, teachers or mentors, but you are ideally always the best person to teach yourself. Experience things on your own, ask yourself questions and answer them yourself. You can still ask a person for their opinion and advice to get another point of view and take them into their consideration. But only you know yourself better than anyone.

The funny thing is, these are all somewhat related to the principles that are also taught by my BUSINESS mentors as well. Though a little more apparent because there is a very very tangible, physical side to it even more so.

Speaking of business, well I’ve saved the best for last. Yes, I have been working on something behind the scenes with one of my partners.

Yes, my custom made funnel, my nuclear deterrent, my ultimate weapon is now almost complete. You can view the preview on the button below

michaelangeloflores-prototypelogo-silverAnd also I’ve been experimenting with new logos too. I’m not too fussy about logos, to be honest. I opted for something not too fancy, but a more timeless, classy, ‘designer’ type of feel. Here are some samples:

MFlogoprototype1I tried to go after a design that is influenced by some kind of luxury watch brand or a fashion designer label or something. Let me know what you think.

In any case, that’s all for now. I’ll be straight up – I’m not sure when the next update will be, as I will be planning a trip to Germany real soon. Going to start off in Munich, and perhaps have Christmas there or perhaps any of the surrounding areas (e.g Austria, etc.) so pardon me if I seem away again lol.

In any case, feel free to add me on FB or leave me comments and messages, whichever.

Rage on.

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