MAJOR UPDATES and Some Random Thoughts

Okay, so it’s been AGES since I’ve updated this joint and funnily enough, recently I’ve found the urge to get this bad boy up and running again. Full-time like before? Probably not. I’ll admit that this space here was once mainly a lead generation tool and back in the early days of this online hype, a blog was definitely essential and probably still is.

Not that it matters to me though, since I’m done with the hype. Although I am still first and foremost an online entity, a lot of what I’ve been doing has been underground (hence the long silence) and have also been busy with other things which I’ll outline below…

But first things first…

Opt-In Is Currently Disabled…

Unfortunately, Aweber has decided to shaft me a while back, so my form on the right side of the blog isn’t working and you pretty much can’t opt-in (yet). Boohoo. But no matter, I still have my leads and I can always move to another autoresponder anyway later on.

But if you really need to contact me, feel free to add me on Facebook or send me an email

Traveling spree…

I’ve been away usually multiple times during the year. I’ll admit, I got a little lazy with the blog but definitely have a lot more content I can post about now.

It’s Christmas Eve as I’m continuing this post (started it a few days ago, then stopped lol) and I am currently in Tokyo, Japan for a holiday.

Here are some pics after I’ve landed, though there are far too many to even post all of them here:

Honestly there are too many pics to put here in a single blog post, so if you really want to see more, add me on my personal Facebook

Or I may even do individual blog posts on each of the places I’ve been going to. But I’ve mainly been invading Japan (pics above are mainly of Tokyo) after years of constantly visiting Singapore I think it’s time for a change of scenery though there have been quick intrusions in Indonesia as well as the Philippines – though more will be planned in 2015.

Hobbies and other Interests…

Now that I have finally got some free time, I’ve been focusing on getting back into the many things I am passionate about, namely my hobbies. Everybody needs a hobby.

I’ve been getting back on some combat training and fitness for starters. One of the many ways to stimulate the brain as well as be ready for my travels as I am often on foot and there are times where I go solo to certain places.

Here is a pic of the Kali sticks a friend got me a while back as presents:

I’m actually trying a mix of different forms, which have strikes, grapples as well as weapons. May throw up a video or two in the future as part of the Atelier (assuming I’m allowed to haha).

Another hobby I’ve been dying to get back into is Gunpla. Basically plastic model kits based on Japanese Sci-Fi called Gundam and these little robots really stimulate one’s creative imagination especially when detailing and painting.

Here is a recent work I’ve spent almost 2 MONTHS working on:

More on this at Customecha, who featured my work on their website:

Was a really fun project which did take a bit of time and imagination to finish too.

But the biggest thing that’s taken up most of my time was…

My New Home

Yes recently this year I’ve moved to a much bigger home, with 4 bedrooms and plenty of lounge space. Moving in was really slow, had absolutely no furniture and limited appliances yet a rather big house too.

Lots of work needed to be done especially the garden as well as the swimming pool.

So there you have it. I hope that explains my not-so-mysterious disappearance but the truth is that I just got lazy with blogging haha.

But I want to get back into it, maybe not full time but once in a while and instead of hammering all the marketing and bizopps or money strategy every now and then (which I will still showcase from time to time, cause it’s pretty much the main meat of this blog) but I will also start to showcase more lifestyle and hobby related stuff – which pretty much means I am planning to bring more life to the Flores Atelier.

As for the Opt-In form, like I said it’s currently offline but will post another update once it’s up and running again. But like I said, you can keep in touch with me anyway via Facebook ( and Email (

For now, have a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 to you all. Thanks to all my friends and supporters over the years as well as the new alliances that have been made recently, you have not been denied! The next mission is just about to commence!

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