My Very First Japanese Speech

Just a quick one, this is what I’ve been busy trying to get done within the past few weeks.

My very first speech in a foreign language. I was challenged to do it by an associate of mine as part of an annual speech contest held in Tokyo. Because I’ve helped a few people in the past with presentation skills, I was asked to enter as a special guest.

However, the catch was that it had to be in full Japanese.

Took me several weeks to practice. Mind you, prior to giving the speech, I haven’t studied much of the language outside simple phone apps and the occasional textbook.

Of course I did get a lot of help with it from a friend, a lot of it is also self-taught.

Here’s how it went…

For two years in a row, I have mentored proteges who have become champions of this contest. But now it was my turn to show that I can do this too.

This was the most Japanese I’ve ever spoken in my life. For some reason, I wasn’t nervous at all. I’ve done loads and loads of presentations before, so the fear of speaking in front of an audience wasn’t a big deal.

As you can see, the speech was fully memorized and I had no notes or cards.

Thanks to all those who supported me through this process.

Perhaps I’ll take this language a little more seriously now.


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