Rage On 2015 – Happy New Year From Michaelangelo Flores

View of Tokyo Tower from where I am staying.


Yay first blog post of the year. And it hasn’t even been that long since the last one. First of all, happy New Year and welcome to 2015.

Last night kicked off the year with a blast, experiencing a bit of night life here in Tokyo (yes, still here as a write this post) and was great to meet some new friends as well as catch up with some old ones. Although most of my business is developed online, I do still enjoy building relationships and meeting people face to face too. It feels good to actually be out there instead of slaving away at the computer grinding the next new guru strategy (outsourcing is where it’s at!)

I did mention in my previous post that I’m reviving the Atelier section and going to post more lifestyle related stuff as this blog isn’t all just about business and making money (although it will be intertwined a little bit).

Had a quick road trip to Mt. Fuji, though didn’t quite work as planned.

Me at the base of Mt. Fuji


…As the road was closed but at least I was able to get as close as in the photo above.

I’ve been rockin’ it here in Japan for a few weeks now, but the trip isn’t over yet. I’ve spent New Years here before back in 2014, but since I didn’t know what was going on at the time, I actually just stayed home. This time though, I actually decided to go out and have a drink (mind you, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking prior but I guess that night was an exception).

As the year went on, I looked back at the life I’ve been able to experience so far compared to where I was years ago. Even more so, the people I associated with and how much that’s changed.

Coming into the new year, I’ve said to myself (and publicly) that if anyone ever tells you to ‘be realistic’ – make sure you take a look at their own lives first and see how far they have been by ‘being realistic’ before taking their advice.

Of course, it’s good to keep it real. Set realistic goals and believe in them. But here’s the catch – who’s to determine what’s ‘realistic’? For you or for me? Or for them?

The last person who ever told me to ‘be realistic’ was broke, single and depressed. Now this person is still that way, and now I’m traveling to places that people have said I would never be able to see and do the things I’ve never been able to do while meeting great, friendly, positive people who believe in our own ‘reality’.

Now let’s not confuse that with living in a fantasy. I did have to go through some changes in my life to be where I am now. I remember Gordon Ramsey (or at least I think it was him) saying “It’s okay to have a dream – but don’t live in a dream world.”

Yes it does take some effort and self-development (even more so than the former) to be able to create your own ‘reality’ – but remember, nobody else determines what you can and can’t do except you. Only you determine what your limitations are.

Now the principle I want to briefly discuss here is – Who do we listen to?

There are probably many out there who believe they know what’s best for you and maybe they do. But again, look at their lives to see how well off they are with their own ‘advice’.

So how do we discern who we actually listen to? To sum it up briefly, I’ve always been taught to solicit advice from these people:

  • Those who have what you want
  • Those have been where you are

That’s a general guideline. This eventually leads to whom you get counsel from, but that’s another level. Yes we take advice and ‘opinions’ from experts in certain fields. But ultimately, you are the one who decides what your life is going to be like and where you want to go. Despite everyone else’ best intentions (and yes, you could consider their ‘opinions’ first if you like), it is ultimately you who makes that ultimate decision of what you really want and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.

In any case, bigger plans and a bigger vision coming this 2015. Going to roll-out a new funnel, bigger business ventures, new physical goals as well as personal life too (which now actually exists lol).

Rage on, 2015!


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