Overrated? First time Shabu Shabu with Premium A5 Kobe Beef

Okay, lifestyle post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. This space here isn’t just for all this marketing and make money online stuff.

There’s the atelier section where I dump all lifestyle related bragging and stroking of my ego and whatnot.

So today’s episode is about the infamous beef from Kobe Japan that is sort of world renowned.

Well at least I hear a lot about it.

zakuro3So what’s so special about Kobe beef?

Well, firstly its mainly how they feed the cows. Apparently they take special care of them, which you can look up yourself by Googling it. A few things to note apparently are things such as giving beer to the cows, massaging them to relax and even playing classical music in the background for the cows. What the heck? Don’t quote me on that.

But anyway, how does it taste?

zakuro1Needless to say, this stuff was nothing short of ultimate. We sampled the highest grade, premium A5 Kobe beef. You’ll probably hear it from many people, but this shit just melts in your mouth.

Like meat-flavored butter, in a way. For some, this may be far too rich, or even disgusting. But then there’s also the less fatty A4 grade, which we also had. But for a deity, A5 is certainly the one to go for.

Speaking of which, what is Shabu Shabu?

zakuro4In short, it’s basically a hot pot. You cook the meat in the pot and boil it yourself. Then dip it into a sauce of your choice. Pretty simple but exquisite.

There are also other ways to have Kobe beef, and in this restaurant (Zakuro Ginza) they also serve this in Sukiyaki form (which I’ve had a number of times in the past) but this night was about the Shabu Shabu.

Badass shit.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Expect more food related posts in the future, as it’s become a recent passion of mine. Especially when it comes to luxury cuisine. First Beluga Caviar, now Premium Kobe Beef (this isn’t the second rate crap you buy from the convenience store btw), and I wonder what’s next?

We’ll see eventually… stay tuned…



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