Universal Laws Series : Law Of Polarity

There Are Two Faces To A Coin – The Law Of Polarity

In short, the Law of Polarity pretty much says that everything in life has polar opposites to each other. For example, there cannot be day without night. There cannot be light without darkness. There cannot be good without evil, no happiness without sadness and so on.

The Law of Polarity is pretty simple but of course bear in mind that the other Universal Laws such as the Law of Transmutation, Law of Reciprocity and of course the Law of Attraction as well as all the other Laws of the Universe that all coincide with it.

How Can We Use The Law of Polarity To Shift Our Mindset To Our Advantage?

Remember, by the Law of Polarity, there is always two sides to every coin. If we’re experiencing something crappy, it leaves us room for more greatness to come. If we lose something, we are always open to something greater. Whether or not we want to acknowledge it, the Law of Polarity is always in effect.

Understanding this principle is one of the basic fundamentals of utilizing any situation to your advantage. Just by having more awareness of what the Law of Polarity applies to will have to realizing that things are not always as they seem at first. Those who know pain also know pleasure. I can go on and on about listing the many things but only once you truly be aware of this and apply it to your own conditioning is when things really start to manifest.

How The Law Of Polarity Relates To Other Universal Laws

Be mindful that when you apply these principles into your life (well, they do apply no matter what you do anyway), that is when you start to be able to work your way around the law of the universe into your own will. The Law of Polarity is no exception and when you also take into account the other laws, only then will you realize their true nature. Studying and learning about these laws can possibly take more than a lifetime considering there are so many ways you can mix and match them together. It’s like a game. But you can obviously win (and lose because there is no winning without loss!)

Use the Law of Polarity to your advantage but first learn about the other Universal Laws as well. You could start seeing opportunities that were once not aware of previously.

Keep a look out for the next of the Univesal Laws Series after the Law of Polarity across this blog.

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